Thank you from Astro Skye

That’s a wrap! Thank you to everyone at Kennedy Space Center who has made my stay this summer absolutely incredible! I can’t think of a better way to spend my summer! **(scroll down for individualized messages)**

(And if those of you could pass this on to the communicators, techs, and anyone else mentioned I would greatly appreciate it!)

Darlene Jenora & Andrea, thank you for allowing me to come each week, feeding me, and welcoming Thomas to the family. Your generosity and kindness are overwhelming and I thank you for allowing me to come back!

To the techs and the communicators (Ken), thank you for letting me crash your party and thank you for being so welcoming! It was awesome seeing all of you and hearing stories I can only dream of! You all are seriously the best! Thank you for allowing me to take selfies with you too! 😁

Kyle, thanks for escorting me to the right building 😝

Ken in the Space shop, you’re awesome dude! ✌🏼

Tory Bruno of ULA, thank you for answering my question about the GEM60 and retweeting my tweets on Twitter!

To everyone at KSCVC who worked with me, from all the lovely ladies I met in charge of socia media, thanks for tagging me each and every week, to everyone in charge of ATX, thank you for letting me get an inside scoop!

Admin security, thanks for being so awesome with the check in process and recovering my lost items if need be.

Therrin, I didn’t get to see you at all this summer, but as always thanks for running such an awesome place. It is always a pleasure stopping by and giving presentations!

Steve thank you for helping me on the CCP side!

Torie as always, amazing to see you. Thank you for surprising me and coming by! Let’s not wait two years to do this again!

And lastly but not least, thank you Thomas for assisting me throughout this journey whether it be making sure I eat, backing up my questions, or even telling me what day it is, I very much so appreciate it


If you aren’t tagged and/or if I don’t have you on Facebook I’m thinking about you anyway!

See you next time!

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