ALERT: Due to the government shut down, all events for 2019 have been suspended until further notice. If you would like to request an event, please email Skye at skyeschwartz@outlook.com for further instructions.

From the stage to the sky

Heavily involved in performance since she was four years old, Skye had her sights set on fame; but when she walked through the doors of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center eleven years later, she set her sights from the stage to the sky!

NEW: Astro Skye Mentorship Program (ASMP)


Introducing the Astro Skye Mentorship Program (ASMP). The ASMP is open to anyone who has a passion for learning! Students can become mentees and gain an all-access pass to the knowledge, information, and guidance of Astro Skye.

Mentees do not have to have a career interest in spaceflight. Current mentees interests range from marine biology to theatre. There is something for everyone.

For more information, or if you want to apply, click here.