Mentorship Program

The Astro Skye Mentorship Program or (ASMP) gives mentees an all-access pass to the knowledge and insight provided by Astro Skye. Mentees will be able to ask all questions via email and text message and participate in monthly/yearly mentorship events. Some events include:

Phone Call Update (monthly – more available if needed)

  • The phone call allows the mentor to check in on the mentee and see how they are doing. It is a great time for the mentee to ask the mentor any questions and participate in a hands-on discussion. More phone calls can be scheduled at the mentees’ request.

SSA Event (monthly)

  • Topics are selected by the mentees themselves. Events are live-streamed and/or posted each month.

NASAPack (monthly)

  • A package filled with NASA goodies and information will be sent to the mentees each month. NASAPacks can be themed if requested by the mentee.

Mentee Retreat at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (yearly)

  • The retreat is a chance for mentees to meet their fellow mentees and their mentor as well. The day will be packed with educational tours and events. More information coming soon.

The ASMP is open to anyone who has a passion for learning! Mentees do not have to have a career interest in spaceflight. Current mentees interests range from marine biology to theatre. There is something for everyone.

What are you waiting for?! Fill out the application and start your journey today! Have any questions? Feel free to email Skye at

Applications are taken year-round. Applicants are not guaranteed admission into the Astro Skye Mentorship Program. Must be 13 years or older to apply.